What Your Interview Body Language Reveals About You?

You may well-spoken, highly confident, and have a perfect resume. However, committing body language mistakes can cost you the job. The handshake is the first step taken when entering an interview. Although it lasts just a few seconds, it gives the interviewer a sense of your character based on your handshake’s firmness as well as […]

How To Get The Most Salary And Benefits

Your salary is an indication of the price of services you offer as an employee. Because employees rarely work in one company their entire career, it is important for them to think of themselves as independent business owners to be able to get fair salaries. Your main aim as an employee should be working with […]

5 Effective Ways To Boost Your Confidence Before An Interview

The interview is one of the most daunting, yet most exciting components of a job seeking process. It is a process that shows the employer that you are the right person for the position and can also be source of anxiety for candidates who fear making mistakes that break the entire opportunity. To be successful, […]

3 Effective Strategies For Successful Telephonic Interviews

A large number of companies are switching over to phone interviews, or phone screens, as a preliminary measure to determine if a candidate is suitable for a particular job. The phone interview also helps the interviewer in deciding whether the interviewee should be invited for the subsequent selection processes or for a face-to-face interview. To […]

Is It Time To Change Your Career??

Even in the current economic climate, when taking such a risk could easily backfire, many people would still like to find a new job or change career path. The truth is, many people are too scared to take the plunge and try something new, even if they know deep down that it will be better […]

8 Must Know Job Interview Tips!!

So you finally get a call from the company you have applied to and have been waiting to hear from? Your first reaction of excitement quickly turns into nervousness and anxiety and very quickly you start to panic thinking something is going to go wrong…well! Relax! Breatheeee… Here are some job interview tips that can […]

10 Ways To Beat Career Stress Creatively

Two things mainly influence the career stress as well as the stress due to employment, non-availability of adequate money and doing much work in minimum time to make more money. The stress to make more money reduces if you have enough money in your pocket. You can effectively reduce your career stress by using even […]

5 Useful Tips On Reinventing Your Career

If you are tired of the classic 9 to 5 schedule and you want to take your career to the next level, then you must know that the power is in your hands. However, one’s career often happens to be similar to a rollercoaster: there are always ups and down, and this is exactly what […]

IT Job Search? No Problem!

Internet is a great way to find Information Technology (IT) jobs. If you don’t know where to start looking for jobs, then go online now. Here are some steps to help you land the perfect IT job: 1)      Find a job portal that has highest ratings and register there. 2)      Once you get confirmation from […]