Get the Best Out of Entry Level Jobs

Best From Entry Level Jobs Most people dream big and want to achieve success as quickly as possible – so they aim at the highest position possible. But, in order to actually reach the top you need to start at the bottom and then climb the stairs to success. So to start with you must […]

Reasons for Staying Unemployed

Many people wonder why they are unable to find employment. The following might shed some light on the situation. Insufficient Networking The most powerful tool for finding employment in modern times is networking. Have good and strong networks that will take you to higher levels in life. Lack of Interview Skills There are basic guidelines […]

How To Build Up A Strategic Proposal For Your Job Hunt

Searching for a job is a critical task. You need to keep various aspects in mind before initiating your job hunt. You also need to strategize your job search. This will help you in staying focused and aim. You will be able to save a lot of time, money and energy this way. These three […]

8 Tips For Conducting An Effective Job Search

Traditional methods of obtaining employment are no longer effective in today’s world. A simple active job search can prove this. Applying for jobs via job board and waiting for potential employers to start calling you no longer works. You have to go the extra mile. If you are interested in discovering how to conduct an […]

5 Things To Take Care Of Before An Interview – Be Cautious

My executive uncle knows all the tricks to make me understand the right things and yet again, he used his strong communication skills to tell me how I need to update my looks in order to get a good job. While I was telling him about a new interview call from an MNC, he told […]

Top 10 Resume Trends For 2014

It’s that time of the year where job seekers need to look at their job searching techniques and resumes. Below are top 10 resume trends expected to dominate 2014.  1. Social media resume Social media has changed the way the world connects in the past few years. It’s about time we shifted our focus to […]

6 Tough Questions You May Face In An Interview

If you are yet to find a suitable job to dazzle your career, then there’s one thing that you need to keep in mind and that is – Smartness! When you go for an interview you don’t just have to present yourself smartly in front of your potential employer, but also make sure that you […]

5 Unorthodox Pre-interview Routines That Actually Work

The excitement of getting a new job is usually kept on hold by the thought of having to go through the interviewing process. This shouldn’t be the case. With the right information, you can be able to prepare and pass any interview without a hitch. This article is going to focus on some of the […]

Six Evident Warning Signs Of A Wrong Job

It is clearly evident that a few people are caught up in the wrong job. They realise that they detest their organisation, their profession, their colleagues and nearly everything that pertains to their job but, still most of them continue with their job and suffer from discontentment while, a few others actively start hunting for […]

Successful Job Interview Techniques

When contemplating your next job interview, consider some facts. According to a certain survey done by Career Geek, a substantial amount of employers will make their decision about hiring a candidate within one and a half minute after the interview starts. Therefore it is safe to assume that first impressions are much more relevant than […]