Reasons for Staying Unemployed

Many people wonder why they are unable to find employment.Reasons to be umemployed

The following might shed some light on the situation.

Insufficient Networking

The most powerful tool for finding employment in modern times is networking. Have good and strong networks that will take you to higher levels in life.

Lack of Interview Skills

There are basic guidelines while attending an interview. Most important is to dress appropriately. Never lack in showing off your positive side to grab such opportunities.


How people represent themselves to how they handle their work, makes the difference between being employed and unemployed.


Most companies resist from employing a person with Bachelor’s degree for a position that requires experience. Also, there are obvious reasons for this. Example, the candidate will constantly be looking for something better and most probably has a “better knowing” attitude.

Unpleasant Attitude

Potential employers want to meet energetic and positive people. They don’t however look for arrogant or rude employees. Have a good attitude while approaching a new job.

Follow Instructions

When applying for a job be attentive and follow the given instructions. Employers have their reasons for certain expectations and it will give them a good idea of how a candidate will perform.

Don’t Avoid Questions

If a question is asked then answer it as directly as possible. The answer should be quick, crisp and accurate.


Being unprepared is the biggest failure. It is crucial to see what is coming and and be prepared for it.

For those who don’t fit the above description and are still unemployed, it might just be a case of bad day. Having a positive attitude, friendly approach with necessary qualifications can do wonders in the life.

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